5250 Terminal Server for IBM i

Brings very fast and reliable Web Based 5250 Terminal with Web SCS Spool Printing, Android Terminal Client, IP access control, Cloud, Docker and Virtualization support, Biometric / OTP access  and many more advanced features available only in this product.

Quick introduction

Best in the class advanced web based 5205 terminal for IBM i. 
Born for modern cloud era and work-from-home era.

No workstation installation

Dramatically reduce maintenance cost. No more remote installations, updates or fixing broken configurations.

Runs in browser 

Only what client workstations needs is a modern browser, even to print spool files.
For Android use our mobile client app.

Connect from anywhere

Connect safely to your infrastructure through high security access control based on Biometric and Security keys.

What's Included

Browser based 5250 terminal

Highly customizable and adaptable web-based terminal which you will love. Fastest, proven, secure.  

Web based SCS spool printing

Advanced printing driver included allowing you to release spools to PDF or other formats directly from your browser.

High security standards

Many security features included as OTP, Biometric TPM, IP filtering, encrypted channels even HTTPS not used.

Android Terminal client - free  

Specially built Android terminal optimized for 5250 with custom keyboard, Zebra printing support any many more.

Cloud and virtualization

Easily setup in cloud or virtualization environments with prebuilt disk images or Docker scripts.


Check out what kind of installation options we provide


Green Screens Terminal Server is based on Java which brings wide range of platforms supported for installation. Almost anywhere Java Runtime is supported.


Install on Linux by selecting your own preferences or use predefined scripts supporting installation on many Linux flavors.  


Use easy and quick to install standard MS Windows installer and updater package. All programs and installers are digitally signed to prevent distribution tampering.


Use one of predefined pre-installation virtual disk images in VHD, VHDX, VDMK formats supporting many virtualization engines.


Use single install script which will setup and prepare your blank Linux environment for Docker including auto-installation and auto-image building. 


Linux based VM image for Cloud environment tested on 20ish different Linux flavors with wide range Linux OS distributions support.